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So much going on at New Game in November, where to even start?? COMMANDER 2015 pre-sale now going on: pre-pay for any deck for only $30. Get all 5 for the price of 4 (only $140). In addition, throw in an extra $10 for the Commander Release Tourney, play one of the decks right out of the box, win packs for each match win & the overall winner gets a From the Vault: Angels as well!! The very next day is our 4th Quarter Preliminary PTQ where top 8 split a case of Battle for Zendikar! Anyone not making top 8 win a pack for each match win. Also still going strong is our Monthly Modern for a Box, as well as our weekly Draft League & FNM Standard League.

Magic not your thing? Not a problem!! Growing every week is our Tuesday night Force of Will, come on in & win special promo foil cards! Wed nights are still board game & minis night, and monthly Dungeons & Dragons as well as Pathfinder Society events still ongoing.

Check out our calendar of events on the website and watch for upcoming offers and events on our Facebook page. Remember remember non-stop November at New Game in Town!!


Another Rockin October at New Game in Town

Another ROctober at New Game brings the new seasons of both Draft League and Friday Night Magic Standard League starting with Battle for Zendikar release weekend.  Not only will Battle for Zendikar bring the new seasons, but we also have gameday weekend, including the FREE Sunday BFZ Gameday (no pack prizes, but promo cards & playmat for top 8 & overall winner).  Also new this month, Monthly Modern for a Box!  Every month we’ll have a Modern constructed tourney, win a pack for each round you win as normal, but overall winner also gets a box (just like Saturday of gameday weekend’s Standard constructed)!!

Not really into Magic the Gathering?  No problem!!  Starting in October we introduce Force of Will Weekly.  Come try out the new Anime card game that’s sweeping the nation.  10% off all Force of Will products during the events.  We also continue our monthly Dungeons & Dragons Expeditions and Pathfinder Society and our weekly Wednesday board game & 40K miniatures night.

Check out the Events Calendar link for more details.  October is gonna rock at New Game in Town.


These restrictions MUST be applied (due to supply/demand issues. This may change after the initial wave):

$100 + tax

Strict Limit 3 per person.

Offer good Fri, Sept 4th – Sunday, Sept 27th

(offer may end sooner depending on supply/demand)

Since this offer is already drastically discounted, store credit cannot be used and these terms MUST be applied.

September is sweet at New Game in Town!

Check out our Event Calendar for what’s going down this month, including our new  & improved Thursday night Draft League.  Same cool format, same league points, but now only $12 and everyone wins a pack for every round they win!  It’s almost like we’re giving it away!  We also have Indianapolis Grand Prix Trial and of course BATTLE FOR ZENDIKAR PRERELEASE AWESOMENESS!!

Magic not your thing?  No problem, we still have our weekly Wednesday Minis night, Board Games on Wed nights and D&D Expeditions and Pathfinder Society!  AND September is Star Wars: X-Wing month here at New Game.  All X-Wing models are 25% off for the entire month.  Don’t miss sweet September at New Game in Town.

August is awesome at New Game in Town!!

More magic than you can shake a stick at!! Start the month out today with our King of the Hill EDH/Commander tourney where you can win a box! Almost every Sat is another big Magic event, including Origins Gameday, Madison GPT (both of which you can win a box), and an EDH/Commander Grand Melee to win a From the Vault: Angels!! We still have our weekly Magic events (both Draft League on Thur & Standard League on Fri have just restarted, so now’s the time to jump in!) while our monthly Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder groups starting to grow! Remember our new Pokemon league every Tue night as well…all kinds of awesome in August at New Game in Town.


In-store special, $95/box or $550 per case (limit one case per customer). Buy-a-box promos go to the first 20 people, not boxes (another 20 may be coming)…

Better Than Fireworks! July at New Game in Town…

Even more awesome as we continue to grow at New Game in Town.  In addition to Magic Origins Pre-release & release weekends, starting in July we will have Pokemon League on Tuesday nights.  Also, we have our first Star Wars: X-Wing tourney and a new Warhammer 40K Slow Grow League starting in July!  In addition to our already weekly Magic Events, we will have a SPECIAL DRAFT WITH OUR LAST 2 BOXES OF MODERN MASTERS as well as a fun Conspiracy draft.  Check out our schedule of events on this webpage for more details on all our events.  Add this all together with our comic book discounts, and why would you go anywhere else??  July has much better to offer than just fireworks at New Game in Town!

New Game in Town hitting Dixon area with summer storms!

All kinds of awesome happening this summer here at New Game in Town.  Check out our schedule of events, including Magic Origins (pre-release, release & gameday), From the Vault: Angels (EDH/Commander Grand Melee), and multiple Magic Grand Prix Trials (win byes & boxes!).  For our non-Magic players, we have our first Star Wars: X-Wing tourney, along with Star Realms Gameday, Warhammer 40K league and maybe even some Pokemon events (tba).  This is all in addition to our normal weekly events (EDH/Commander league on Tue, board games & minis on Wed, Magic Draft League on Thur, FMM Standard & Commander on Fridays).  Something’s always going on at New Game in Town…including coin-operated arcade games & free air conditioning!!

End of an Era: One thing’s over but another begins.


Well, it’s sad to say, but New Game in Town will be leaving DeKalb. Unfortunately, the stress and time commitments involved in order to run multiple locations is taking its toll, and I find that I must make one of the most difficult decisions of my life. Including my first stint in DeKalb at Legends & Lohr (the original comic book/gamestore of DeKalb), I’ve dedicated 8 years of my life to this town’s gaming/comic book community, and I simply can’t thank you all enough for the experience. I got into this business for one main reason, to create an environment where people can feel they belong, especially groups that often don’t feel like they belong anywhere, and can come together and have a good time. I certainly hope I’ve done that for all of you and helped to bring a little fun into our corner of the world.

Sadly, for a few reasons but mainly stress related health issues, it’s time for me to downsize and move on. We will be keeping the Dixon location open, so of course you are all invited to come by and hang out if you’re ever in the area, or perhaps you might even go out of your way to make a special trip out there even; we will have many awesome special events after all. I hope that I can bring the same thing to that location that I’ve done here in DeKalb, and I thank you all again profusely for everything. You all mean more to me than you’ll probably ever know. Making the decision about which location to close, as I said, was incredibly difficult, but many factors involved lead me to this decision I now share with you.

NEVER FEAR!! THE SPIRIT OF THE TRULY LOCAL GAMESTORE OWNED AND OPERATED BY A TRULY LOCAL PERSON WILL LIVE ON!! Greg Havlik, one of the best employees I’ve ever had (the Spock to my Kirk one might say), has made the courageous decision to take over and keep the spirit alive! Where New Game is moving on, Kelpie Games will be taking the reins and riding this wild horse ever forward. I wish him nothing but the best in this endeavor and look forward to seeing the community continue to grow, evolve and thrive. Check them out on facebook.

On a more personal note, there are a few people I’d like to take the time to thank directly. Of course I have had an amazing staff that has done incredible things for me, the store and the community at large. Playing the role of Scotty & always keeping the ship running, sometimes on duct tape, paperclips and chewing gum, James Hayes has been an amazing person to work with and hang around for these years. This ship simply would not have operated anywhere near the capacity it has without him. Piloting the way well enough to be both Sulu and Checkov, Swifty has been irreplaceable in helping me keep both locations on course. The Bones of it all has been Jeff Jett, master of all things non-Magic or other CCGs & singly-handedly making HeroClix happen as well as being instrumental in the comic book and board game side of things. And of course Tom DeLeon, the new kid on the block, many thanks and much appreciation for helping us through this transitional period.

Shout outs to the staff of the past as well. Sean Farlee continues to play a vital role in helping the Dixon store move forward, and has become a staple in the DeKalb community. Billy Nichols will always be remembered and forever missed, as he propelled us into the future with online sales and away trading. Zach Gerrard and Jeff Raun both played important roles in getting things going and moving in the first place and will always be remembered and appreciated. Thanks to Reed Hartmann and Christ Kallas for stepping up when extra tourney help was needed. Joe Walls is one of the greatest ‘behind the scenes’ people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with and be around and continues to help keep the Dixon location alive. And of course, Court Schuett gets huge props for saving the shop on so many occasions I can’t even imagine the absolute disasters that were avoided because of him. THANK YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH!!

But not just to the staff, so many members of the community were also irreplaceable and so important to New Game in Town. Shout outs to Greg Chyson and Andrew Karolus for keeping the minis crowd going when I knew almost nothing about that market. Stuart Helm, Kris Muller and Brad Bound all get many thanks for Game Mastering all things role playing, always fun and a pleasure working with you all. Mike Venditti and Rocky Allen were awesome with our monthly Pathfinder crowd; thanks so much for that!! Aaron Tymec and Hayden Ross were amazing at helping us bridge gaps and were always instrumental in board game events at outside locations, as well as always being ready to extend helping hands. Thanks and much respect to the NIU Comic Book Club; all so much fun to have on Wed nights! And most importantly, thank you to all the community that truly made this the best game in town!!

The DeKalb location will stay open through the month of May, with our last day being Sat, May 30, our annual Customer Appreciation Day. This website with then transfer over to the Dixon location, so everything on our event calendar for May is the DeKalb location, then June and beyond will be the schedule for the Dixon location.  Kelpie Games will take over the DeKalb location the first week in June. What a long strange trip it’s been!!