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March Madness Means Magic & More at New Game in Town!

Still going strong with our weekly Magic events, Mon–EDH/Commander, Tue–Standard League, Wed–Draft Legue, Fri–Standard FNM, with new addition:  Tiny Leaders the last Monday of every month!!

Thur night minis and Sunday Yu-Gi-Oh! also still going strong, with a Secret Forces box tourney on Sun, March 8 & Astral Packs coming in the near future!!  D&D every Tue as well as Pathfinder Society once a month as well.  New addition: Monthly Pokemon Family Day!  Check calendar of events for more info!

In addition to our normal weekly/monthly events, March brings us the Star Wars: X-Wing in-store Championship!!  We expect an amazing crowd for this, so show up early or call to let us know you’re on your way.

And the Magic events in Magic are amazing!!  We have another Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (top 8 split a case!!), and of course, Khans of Tarkir pre-release & release!  Best prize payouts around along with amazing prices on pre-paid product, so no reason to go anywhere else!!

February Snowpocalypse Can’t Stop New Game in Town!

Check out our calendar of events to see how much amazing is going on in Feb, including such events as the Mason Lange Medical Fundraiser, Fate Reforged Gameday, HeroClix: Age of Ultron, Cleveland Grand Prix Trial, Pandemic Party/Doctors w/o Boarders fundraiser & more!  Also be the first in our High Stakes Standard League on Tue nights: $10 entry, double the prizes & heavy payouts to undefeated & X-1 records!  Lots of other weekly events as our awesome community continues to grow!!  Come hang out & play with us as we all continue to make this the best game in town!

Fate Reforged Pre-Release Weekend

Friday: Midnight-$25 sealed (prize packs for everyone!)
Saturday: 1pm & 6pm-$25 sealed (prize packs for all!)
Sunday: 1pm & 6pm-2HG Sealed ($40/team)

Start the year out with Jamuary at New Game in Town!

Things are jammin in January! There is a new FNM format open, so we will be hosting EDH/Commander FNM at 3pm, then Standard FNM at 6:30 pm, then occasionally we’ll have a Draft/Cube FNM late into the night! As always, we also have out usual Monday Night EDH/Commander tourneys, Tue Standard League & Wed Draft League!! If that’s not enough, Fate Reforged pre-release & release are on the horizon as well!! And of course, be sure to congratulate Tom DeLeon, now an official Level 1 Judge!!

Magic not your thing? No worries, we have plenty going on. Yu-Gi-Oh! will now be in full swing, with tourneys every Tue & Sun. Also, we will be having our first Sneak Peak and our first Game Day!! And also congratulate Geo & Gavin, now official Yu-Gi-Oh! judges!!

Still so much more!! We be jammin board games every Sunday, with our first Sunday being at the House Cafe! This month we feature a prototype of Dark Lord, a board game just getting ready to kick off its Kickstarter campaign! Come be among the first to play the prototype version and get in on the ground floor of the Kickstarter! In addition, the 3rd Sunday of every month is Pathfinder Society. Ask in store for details about D&D Encounters too!

Thursdays continue to be minis night, featuring Warhammer 40K, Star Wars: X-Wing, Infinity, Mars Attacks, Relic Knights, Imperial Assault & so much more! Watch for our X-Wing Championship coming up in Spring. Even more than that, we will be starting a Dragonball Z League! Come in & ask for details & learn to play.

Come be part of the coolest most down to earth (yet nicely competitive) gaming community around! Jamuary at New Game!

End of the year with no end in sight!!

The year might be coming to an end, but there’s no end in sight to the fun here at New Game in Town!! Monday night EDH/Commander tournaments are growing, Tue night Standard league will be wrapping up & restarting soon, Draft League will take a short break to make way for our Jank Rare Drafts, and of course Friday Night Magic continues to go strong. And January marks the Pre-Release/Release of Fate Reforged!!

As if that’s not enough, PRELIMINARY PRO TOUR QUALIFIER THIS SATURDAY!!! Word is out that this is gonna be huge, so be sure to get in early!! Also, FREE CHRISTMAS FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC!! The Friday after Christmas, FNM is on us, our way of saying thanks for another great year to all the people who support our amazing community!!

Not a Magic the Gathering player? No problem!! Still plenty going on…Thur night minis is still rocking, with HeroClix, Warhammer, 40K, Star Wars X-Wing, D&D Attack Wing, Dreadball & many many other games as well as the resurrection of the Dragon Ball Z cardgame. In addition, we will be having a huge Mage Wars Demo this Thur (12/18) & might be starting a Mage Wars league along with it.

And there’s still more!!! We are now an official Konami store!! Yu-Gi-Oh tourneys every Tue/Thur (maybe Sun) as well as upcoming Sneak Peaks & Game Days starting in January!! Check our schedule of events for more details.

And of course, most importantly, we will be having our Mason Lange Medical Fundraiser in February (alongside Fate Reforged Gameday). More details to come, but so much amazing stuff will be given out/raffled to help raise funds to help out one of our own!!

So much amazing happening to continue to make New Game in Town the best game in town!!


Yes!! It’s finally here, our first PPTQ. Standard Format, $20 entry…TOP 8 SPLIT A CASE OF KHANS! Saturday, Dec 20. Starts @ 1pm, doors open @ noon!! STAR REALMS SIDE EVENTS ALL DAY! Win cool promo cards & playmats!

October be hoppin at New Game in Town (DeKalb location)

Once again, many many humble thanks to everyone who continues to make New Game awesome! Seriously, i can’t even begin to thank U all enough. Yet again, our pre-release numbers for Khans were some of the best in Northern Illinois! Modern (Legacy) Mondays continues to grow along with our other weekly events, and now Tuesday Night Standard will also be Standard League!! Just like our draft league, we’ll keep track of weekly points for additional prizes just before the next pre-release. If that wasn’t enough, we have Khans of Tarkir Gameday where we’ll be giving away a box!! Which, by the way, we’ll also be doing in a FREE MODERN TOURNAMENT this Saturday (Oct 4). If that isn’t enough Magic for U, we also have our EDH/Commander Grand Melee (check our calendar for details on events)!! For those of U who miss it (cuz i know i do), it’s back!!! The good old fashioned EDH/Commander League is back; play for points (double points on Sundays) & at the end of the month, the top 8 in points get to play in an invite only tournament!

As if that isn’t enough, for those who aren’t into Magic, we still have our weekly Yu-Gi-Oh on Tue and HeroClix, Star Wars X-Wing & other minis on Thur as well as Star Realms League (win promo cards, playmats & free copies of the upcoming expansions!!). Sat, Oct 25, we having a special HeroClix Monster Mash! Alsp, every other Sunday we’re at The House Cafe doing boardgames (this Sun, Oct 5, we’ll be featuring Munchkin Legends). Also, D&D Encounters and Pathfinder Society are going strong as well. Come on in & ask about details!

October is hoppin at New Game in Town…come on down to New Game in Town!


These restrictions MUST be applied:
$95 + tax

Strict Limit 3 per person

Offer good
Friday, Sept 5th – Sunday, Sept 21st

(offer may end sooner depending on supply/demand)

Since this offer is already drastically discounted, store credit cannot be used and these terms MUST be applied.

June just keeps it coming at New Game in Town!

So much gaming goodness to report!! We start out June with the Chicago GPT and Conspiracy Release events! Then we keep it going with Monday Night Modern (proxies allowed), Draft & Sealed leagues, FNMs & monthly EDH/Commander Grand Melee, and then end it with our Monthly Monday Legacy (proxies allowed). Check our calendar of events for details.

HeroClix hits the ground running with Deadpool every Thursday @ 6pm as well as two AvX events (month 4 and our final blowout tourney for leftover prizes).

We also have our monthly Pathfinder Society which continues to grow (up to at least 3 tables), so be sure to click on our calendar of events: Pathfinder Society link to sign up on-line.

We end June with our awesomely amazing Star Realms Gameday & Tournament. Cool promo cards & playmat for prizes!!

Check our calendar of events or contact us for details! LET’S HAVE FUN!!

Why choose New Game in Town??

With so many game stores out there, why should U go to New Game in Town for your Journey to Nyx pre-release & release needs?? Well…how do we love thee?? Let me count the ways!!

1> EVERYONE WHO PLAYS GETS A PRIZE PACK! That’s right, win or lose, everyone gets at least one prize pack. So U’re already essentially getting 7 packs for $25 dollars. That’s a great value!!

2> All winning records get additional prize packs!! Unlike some stores who only pay to top 3 or 5, we payout to all winning records…so even if U go 3-2, U’ll still get additional prize packs.

3> Consolation prize box!! For those who don’t have winning records…U STILL GET PRIZES!! That’s right, even if U don’t win additional prize packs, U get to chose from our consolation box, which includes deck boxes, sleeves, playmats & more!! (while supplies last)

4> FREE DRAFT!!! What?? No way, this can’t be real?? Oh, but it is. If U participate in at least 4 of our Journey to Nyx events between pre-release and release, U will automatically be eligible for our free draft on Sat, May 3 @ 6pm.

5> AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH…we are now including sealed and draft events in our rewards stamp program. That’s right!! So essentially, if U are in all of our events for pre-release, U will end up with 7 stamps (only 3 more needed for the free $10 in-store credit)…if U’re in the 2HG events as well, that’s another 7 stamps, for a total of 14, getting U the $10 dollars in-store credit with 4 stamps left over for the next rewards. Include the free draft, and that’s an extra $25 in value just for playing here!!!!!

And of course, as always, U will have our excellent customer service as well as our highly competitive singles market (thanks Hotsauce!!!) in addition to the amazingly outstanding atmosphere & community that has come the make New Game in Town the BEST GAME IN TOWN!! SEEYA ALL FOR PRERELEASE!!!

And next week we’ll tell Ya about how awesome our release is gonna be…